Welcome to Profusion 3.0 – data revolution

It’s just a few months since we hatched into our bright new London home – beginning an exhilarating new phase in our cultural evolution. At the same time we began to dive into the deeper end of the emerging data revolution.

The office move was a big investment for a small business and reflects how much we believe in the team we’ve built. We want to create an enriching, inviting space for our Profusion family to feel inspired and comfortable in – and that includes our team, clients, partners and the wider community.

We have a highly talented group of people here who love being responsive to our clients and meeting their organisational and customers’ needs.That just got enhanced even further when we managed to bring Natalie Cramp on as the managing director of Profusion Ventures and Profusion Cares. Creating the business innovation arm and non-profit foundation represents a big commitment to making lasting social impact at scale.

It’s important that our new brand, web platform and tone of voice reflect the humility and pursuit of excellence that propel us forward every single day. Too many organisations lack a deeper sense of what drives them. Over time, it can get lost easily as new leaders and people flow in and out. We’re instilling within ourselves a profound awareness of our own essence, direction, meaning, purpose and contribution – reflected in what we’ve acknowledged as our own intrinsic values and drivers.

Who we are as people

The name Profusion is related to an organisational construct. But while there is meaning in that – and in our products, existing clients, partner relationships and technology – the real, ultimate worth is our people and the customers we serve.

We don’t see our team as employees or contractors. We see them as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties, whose lives fundamentally matter to us and (more importantly) to their immediate families.

As humane, ethical, responsible leaders and owners, it’s our responsibility to provide an energising environment. A place that supports and challenges our people to live their own version of a life less ordinary – on their terms.

We believe in high trust cultures; autonomy, freedom, growth and guidance. If you’re fortunate to hire clever people like we do, you have a duty to help them achieve, to do what their heart desires. You don’t bring them in and then put blockages in their way.

Profusion voice and rebrand

Our clients love working with us, which is why we have relationships that go back 10+ years. We’ve become an extension of their teams and businesses. And while we’re quietly proud of this, we haven’t put a strong brand or voice into the marketplace until now.

We’ve traditionally been known for our data marketing services, consciously moving into the data transformation arena.

Data is at the core of all business and we’re at the core of interpreting the customer and commercial value of data. We consciously put ethics at the centre of everything we do. We’ve just seen what’s happened with other organisations where data is being manipulated to negatively influence people. We’re not going to do that. There are those markets where it could be done, but it’s not what we’re about. We’re about innovating, augmenting and enhancing how we serve our customers, community and society as a whole.

Staying relevant

Customer expectations are growing every day. As the Amazons of this world challenge traditional business models through exceptional digital experiences and customer service, staying relevant is increasingly challenging and necessary.

Our clients need Profusion to bring in fresh thinking and know-how to help them raise the bar and cultivate richer relationships with their customers. I talk about us becoming ‘business scientists’, but recently I heard someone talking about their organisation as a collective of ‘corporate scientists’ and ‘commercial scientists’. These are great descriptions.

We blend data science with technology and apply a scientific mind – while understanding the nuances and artistry of running an organisation. As experts in our field, we’re very good at supporting our clients to deliver exceptional multi-channel experiences. Now we’re exercising our expertise in our own business.

Global outreach

We’re building a base in India and some of our team already work in cities like Paris and Athens, and corners of Iceland, Thailand and Taiwan. I’d love us to extend our overseas contingent, especially in Greece where a lot of young people can’t find jobs right now. I think we’ll become a great employer for young people, especially those who want to get into the tech and data space. We want to know anyone who loves this arena and has a strong sense of entrepreneurship, creativity and imagination.

Our exploration will put us on a global adventure. Wherever we land, we intend to make a positive contribution and create a purposeful legacy.

It’s all about being open to exploring how we grow as an organisation on a global scale. We’re going to do it humbly, carefully and in a considered way. ‘Go slow to go fast’ is the phrase we use internally, which means we put the deep roots down first.

We are proud to attract clever people that want to lead, influence and shape the future while supporting our clients to deliver their visions. Personally, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this organisation and its enriching, unfolding journey. Every day I’m learning and every day we’re looking to raise the bar.

Ultimately, what we love to do is serve our clients and customer needs. We will never get bored of making a positive contribution and impact.

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