Solving ‘wicked problems’ in the world

At Profusion, we really do believe in the saying: ‘Everyone deserves a chance in life’. We meet the person, not their past, and who you are now is far more important to us than where you’ve come from.

We believe Profusion is about our clever people. All of us have the power to shape the present and our future, and in our organisation we have a clear sense of purpose, direction and drive to make a global contribution within our precious world.

Evolution – the Profusion way

We’re all set to make positive impact on our clients’ brands, customer engagement, social responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness, and also through knowledge transfer, stories and inspiration. Over time, we’ll make a greater contribution, through Profusion Cares and Ventures, to causes that are important to us.

Customers are human beings first and foremost. And we all know that helping humans live a more purposeful life – and one where technology and data can facilitate that – is both a smart and right space to play in.

Solving the ‘wicked problems’

Right now, our focus is on delivering excellent solutions for our clients and enabling and supporting great charities in London. Once we’ve learned these lessons, we’ll look at what some people describe as the ‘wicked problems’ in our world. We’ll see how we can collaborate and help others through our imagination, commercial acumen and expertise in deep data, technology and marketing.

All businesses today are technical businesses. But in the future they’ll also be data and AI focused, applying the minds of clever, inventive people. I see us leveraging the best of all the resources available to us in service of our customers, members, community, society, future generations and our planet. 

Technically gifted people

The advent of AI means that on top of our knowledge of technical implementation, we help our clients structure and make sense of what data and trends are showing them. As this computational capability is beyond the wiring of our human minds, we must show humility that there are other intelligences that we can harness to help us wise up as a species.

I’m deeply fascinated to learn about the intersection between data, technology, customers’ unmet needs and human imagination that goes beyond our current understanding of intelligence. We call this ‘data influenced journeys

At this stage, we are actively exploring. We want to be part of this rise in purposeful business that wants to give everyone the chance to thrive. Idealistic? Maybe. But it’s something to hang on to and drive towards. I have to believe so.

Do you want to join us?

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