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Philanthropic businesses drive socially conscious employees. Profusion email developer and work experience champion Ebenezer Apeagyei is one of these. He shares his career journey and inspiration with content editor Louise Scott.

What’s your own career path been like so far?

Email marketing was nowhere near my radar when I was at school. In my career, however, I’ve always been in the email marketing industry – the path I took was just slightly unconventional. At university I switched from computer engineering to computing. There was a wide range of modules, which exposed me to all kinds of avenues.

Later I did an internship and then landed a role as an email marketing assistant at a media publishing company. Here, there were loads of magazine brands and I was doing content writing, reports and analysis. I really enjoyed it and it went from there. I joined a recruitment agency and that’s where Adobe Campaign entered my path and I started doing email campaigns for big clients.

How did you come to be in the job you’re in now?

I discovered Profusion a couple of years ago through a recruiter and straight away I felt a good vibe. From the beginning, the people were really friendly and the company’s focus on data attracted me a lot. I was curious because there’s an in-house data science team here. That’s something a bit different. It’s not about just sending emails blindly – they’re personalised.

What’s the best thing about it?

The work-life balance. This was something I’d never got quite right anywhere else. Now I can work hard, then switch off. Another thing that really helps is the flexible hours. Basically, the attitude here is that if you’re getting your job done it’s understandable to come in early and leave early for a social activity, as it helps with your wellbeing.

I really like the culture here as well.

How would you describe the workplace culture?

There’s a family feel about it. Everyone looks out for each other and speaks their minds. We’re encouraged to do that, and to try out new things. Although my job title is ‘email developer’, I can explore data science or sales. I’ve really gained and learned a lot through taking that opportunity.

On top of that, the company really allows for growth and discovering who you are. In my life I’ve always liked mentoring and helping others, so when Profusion Cares (Profusion’s philanthropic foundation) came into being, I joined the steering group as a volunteer. Through Profusion I also got the chance  to go on a MOE coaching course. That was really life changing. They put me on a course to learn ‘Purposeful Coaching’, too. Pretty quickly I realised I could use what I learned to help young people.

Not long after these experiences, I found myself applying my coaching skills in and out of work. People have always naturally come to me for advice, but before I had coach training I would get emotionally involved and make it about me. I was hijacking. Through coaching I’ve learned to ‘guide’ in a much more effective way.

What’s your role in work experience placements for young people at Profusion? How did that come about?

I lead it as a volunteer with Profusion Cares. Basically I look for students in schools, who are seeking work experience placements and are interested in digital marketing and data science.

It all started from my Purposeful Coaching course. Among the sessions, we did an activity where any of us could volunteer to be coached in front of the whole group, so I got up. I found myself sharing an idea I’d had for a while, about setting up a website to help young people with their career development. It was during this coaching session that I realised it’s something I really want to do. For me, a key thing was being asked when I would do it. That question is great as it gets you to commit.

Through Profusion Cares I’m getting experience that will help me to achieve my dream. Any opportunity I get to help young people, I will.

Aside from commitment, what does it take to follow a career goal?

Inspiration, motivation, direction and guidance!

What difference has all of this made to you?

I’m happier. My wellbeing is the best it could ever be. I wake up with a purpose. For me, it’s not just about coming to work to get paid, pay my bills and build emails for clients. I am getting the opportunity to help others, and it’s helping me towards answering the questions of: “What’s my impact? What’s my legacy when I’m gone?”

What really excites me is the opportunity to influence a young person’s career and help them become what they want to be.


Interested in how businesses can support disadvantaged young people? Find out about Profusion’s partnership with the Care Leaver Covenant.


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