Maximising Sisense with Profusion

Sisense is one of the world’s most powerful business intelligence tools and is an excellent choice for any company seeking to make the most of their data. However, we all know that getting the right technology is just the first step. Ensuring you get the most out of it sometimes requires a little specialist help. This is where Profusion can support you. We’re the only data science company partnered with Sisense in the UK. This, combined with our award-winning team of data architects, scientists and technical consultants, means we are the best people to help you maximise the value of Sisense.

How can we help?

The support we can offer is just as flexible as Sisense. It can range from providing advice and some technical fixes to full blown implementation of the platform into your company:

Quick set up

Our highly experienced team can seamlessly get Sisense’s basic systems up and running – including customising your dashboards. This is ideal if you don’t have data engineers or you simply don’t want to distract them from their day job. We’ll also throw in some training with our consultants to make sure your Sisense users know all the tricks

Advanced integration

If your company has a multitude of data sources and channels, ensuring you have everything plugged in correctly to Sisense can be a tall order. We’ll guide your team through the entire process – deploying our own custom plugins, designing your own reporting tables and bespoke dashboards. In short, we make your business a power user – taking the cost and risk out of the process.

On going support

We can work with your team in the background to monitor and maintain how your data systems interact with Sisense – to ensure the data never confounds your business. We can also be called on to create new dashboards and provide even deeper insights from your data.

Why Profusion

  • One of the UK’s longest standing Sisense partners
  • Experience implementing Sisense for global companies including Unilever, Feld and HSBC
  • Unparalleled data engineering and architecture experience – our team is internationally recognised, award-winners
  • A unique set of skills – data scientists, consultants, digital marketing experts, data visualisers, developers and UX specialists all under one roof
  • The boutique experience – the way we work with our clients reflects our culture – professional, personable and innovative

What next?

If it sounds like we can help, do not hesitate to contact our team. We can assess your needs within days – offering transparent no nonsense advice, pricing and strategies. In no time at all you’ll be reaping the benefits of Sisense at full power.

Find out more about how we work with the Sisense platform.

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