We work with, collaborate and support
internal marketing teams

Our clients trust us for our responsive, personal and upfront approach.
We provide flexible and scalable services that cover the entire customer lifecycle journey.

Data engineering + BI

Advanced data architecture, data management and BI are essential for the delivery of quality data to provide timely, accurate, decision-making and marketing intelligence.

Engineer it

Data science

Customers stay with brands that know them deeply and effortlessly support their changing lifestyles. Increase engagement through AI and tailored machine learning.

Model it

Multi-channel marketing

Add value to your campaigns and customer journeys through email delivery, SMS, tech and custom-built features – microsites, personalised web forms, landing pages and surveys.

Ignite it

Clients & technology partners

We partner with clients across:
financial services, retail, automotive, FMCG, travel, government

Who we are

Heritage and expertise

As the original UK partner for Adobe Campaign, we’ve nearly 20 years’ experience in data management, automation and customisation of enterprise data management and other platforms.

Data with purpose

We cultivate a sense of community spirit, collaboration and legacy. Our Profusion family can positively contribute to the charities we support. This creates shared connection.

Our vision and culture

Coaching philosophy sits at the heart of Profusion to help people find their purpose and voice in life – a catalyst for entrepreneurial thought, personal growth and our ‘net positive contribution’ ethos.