We have a wealth of experience working for some of the world’s largest retailers and FMCG. With B&Q our award-winning data scientists, email marketers and consultants work together to run intelligent, data-driven marketing campaigns. While with Coty our data architects and scientists. have built a world-first recommendation engine for perfumes. Working with Unilever, our consultants have designed and executed market research experiments using smart devices driving product and consumer insights.

So, what do these projects and campaigns have in common? They unlock the power of data to help businesses be better. This could mean learning more about their customers, improving their marketing and communications or building new data-driven products. This helps to future proof your business. We will work with you to organise, optimise and, ultimately, monetise your data.

How we work with you

We start with getting the basics right. We ensure you have a robust data infrastructure. That way, your data can be front and centre of your operations. You can see and use all the information you have about your customers, and you have the right business intelligence to inform business critical decisions. This foundation enables streamlining of processes, sharing of knowledge, organisational efficiencies and the empowerment of your team to make quick and effective decisions. Ultimately, it sets you up to be able to use your data to impact your bottom line.

Next, we work with you to create the strategies to most effectively use your data to increase your customers and their engagement and spend:

  • We help you identify who your target customers should be.
  • We help you grow your database.
  • We ensure your targeting is as effective as possibly by predicting which of these customers is most likely to buy when, which customers are at risk for you and identify customers of high future value to you.
  • We refine and automate customer journeys to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience. We support you with your digital transformation to deliver this.
  • We build data models to understand your marketing effectiveness, helping you maximise your spend.
  • We execute your marketing campaigns through multiple channels to enable you to engage your customers.

We can work flexibly with you, delivering outsourced projects, working as a part of your in-house team, or alongside you as a partner on the projects you want to deliver.