Profusion and the Care Leaver Covenant

Profusion has signed up to the Care Leaver Covenant – an initiative from the Department for Education that invites businesses to pledge support and opportunities for young people transitioning from care. Guest blogger Kirsty McQueen, senior engagement advisor at delivery partner Spectra First, explains.

In 2016, the government announced the launch of the Care Leaver Covenant to give extra support to young people leaving care. It brings together organisations and businesses to create opportunities such as work placements, further education courses, healthcare, apprenticeships, work experience, housing support and paid positions.

Across the UK, organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors are drawing on their resources and commitment to corporate social responsibility. They’re working to establish new ways to help care leavers aged 16-25 to move forward to the next phase of their lives.

Greater support for care leavers

Anyone leaving care at 16, 17 or 18 receives statutory support from the local authorities where they live, in the form of a ‘local offer’. This includes help in the transition to living independently, finding accommodation, and funding towards education, training and securing employment.

It’s at this crucial stage that the Care Leaver Covenant comes in, opening the doors for professionals to get involved and for the creation of innovative opportunities from wider society.

The Covenant seeks to deliver five key outcomes:

  1. Better preparation and support to live independently
  2. Improved access to employment, education and training
  3. The experience of stability in their lives and to feel safe and secure
  4. Greater access to health and emotional support
  5. Financial stability.

How does it work?

Each organisation that commits to the Covenant creates an offer to care leavers tailored to its area of expertise. This offer is then validated by the Covenant team and published on the Care Leaver Covenant app.

To date, hundreds of opportunities have come from a huge range of organisations. Anyone can see these by downloading the app.

How Profusion is involved

“Profusion recognised that there are many ways to play a positive part in a young care leaver’s progression and the nature of our organisation might help support and define a young person’s positive destination,” says Profusion CEO Natalie Cramp.

“We’ve drawn on the resources and imagination of our team and environment and are working towards offering work experience and work placement opportunities. This will have the potential to aid care leavers to move onto the next phase of their lives with greater success. Once our offer is completed, we’ll be advertising it on the Care Leaver Covenant app.”

Ready when you are

Are you interested in finding out more about the Care Leaver Covenant? Call the Covenant engagement team on 0800 077 3557, email or visit

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