Recency, Frequency Analysis


A leading retailer asked Profusion to ascertain with precision the exact number of campaigns, variations and frequency to send marketing messages to customers to get the best ROI.

Out Solution

We used our award-winning PRIDE technique to analyse send types, opens, clicks and actions to determine:

  • Optimum number of marketing campaigns to send
  • How often to send them
  • How many different types of campaign to send

This revealed how many emails customers should be sent over a period of time and how long should be left between each email being sent to get the best results.

Our consultants then provided a strategy to implement the findings.


The analysis provided the retailer with an in-depth report on exactly how many campaigns should be sent to each customer over the course of a year. This included the spacing between campaigns, the optimum number sent each month and the different ‘types’ of campaign that customers should receive.

By applying these findings the retailer received a 4% increase in opens and 1% clicks for all campaigns throughout the year.