Wearable Data Analysis


Bupa wanted to understand the different behaviours of users of the Bupa Boost app.

They needed to know the following:

  • How different sets of users engaged with the app
  • The different usage patterns of users
  • What triggers increased engagement
  • What the typical user journey looked like


Regardless of when they joined the Bupa Boost scheme, we aligned user journeys to make it possible to analyse key engagement and drop-off times.

The different app features (goals, activity, wellness, social and challenges) were indexed to account for variations in volume over time.

Engagement scores were used to identify key user groups and develop strategies to re-engage users that were no longer using the app. These included changing the points and push notification system, giving badges/rewards for key milestones and changing Bupa Boost’s CRM strategy.


By identifying different user groups and patterns we were able to provide strategic recommendations to increase app usage and the basis for a re-engagement strategy to entice users back.