Voice of the Customer


Dixons Carphone introduced web chat for its sales team and wanted to:

  • Understand the impact of high volume events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday on online trade and identify pain points
  • Demonstrate the value of live chat to the wider business
  • Semi-automate evaluation of large volumes of web chats
  • Evaluate the performance of contact centre agents


We analysed a range of data sets with our proprietary Advanced Voice of the Customer system to reveal customer sentiment. Over 40,000 chat logs were analysed, covering 500,000 lines of text. Near real-time feedback on contact centre performance was then relayed to senior management so that the impact of Dixons Black Tag event could be understood immediately.

The data analysed included transnational, chat transcripts, product taxonomy, agent evaluation criteria and customer and survey information.


Dixon’s received immediate and valuable insight into the impact of its Black Tag Event. One page evaluation sheets created for contact centre staff to improve performance, and website pain points identified and fixed.