My work experience at Profusion, by 17-year-old Jack

Written by Jack Athol, Profusion Work Experience: 25 June-6 July

“As I waited for my work experience at Profusion to begin, I started to feel really excited and nervous. Apart from when I used to go to my Dad’s work when I was very young, I’d never been in a workplace before so I was really looking forward to it.”


“Before I started, Darren, Lisa and Ebenezer all contacted me from the team. That really helped, and they all made sure my time there was as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

“I enjoyed every minute – from preparing real orders for clients to eating donuts and watching World Cup games on the projector screen in the social space. I also got to go to a massive tech conference at ExCeL and even got taken out for lunch.

“What I really didn’t expect was how ‘chill’ this workplace would be, yet everything got done really well. I realised it wasn’t where we did our jobs or what we wore that mattered, but whether we got things done. That opened my eyes a little bit to the sort of environment that was right for me and where I might want to work.

“I learned so many things, thanks to Ebenezer. He taught me to use Photoshop, showed me how to adjust logos for emails and set me up to talk with other people all over the company. I also learned how to code bits of HTML, which I felt I picked up quite quickly. One of my favourite things of all was preparing and scheduling emails for companies.

Learning about working life

“I told everyone how amazing and eye-opening my whole experience was. How I saw new potential jobs I would never have found out about and got complete freedom all the time. That’s so important for a young person, especially me, to learn before starting working life.

“It was definitely better than going to school, where there’s a strict schedule and so many restrictions. To me, being given that freedom and being in a nice, relaxed environment was absolutely perfect and I really enjoyed myself while learning a lot at the same time.”

Profusion’s commitment to the next generation

Through our Profusion Cares social impact foundation, we’ve committed to a minimum of 30 days’ work experience a year. It’s important to us that we support young people like Jack to learn and explore futures in the world of marketing services and data science.

We’re also delighted to be in partnership with Central Foundation Boys’ School. Soon we’ll be hosting its year 12 students for work experience and event support, and opening our doors to its younger students for ‘day in the life’ insight days.

Next, we’re looking to join up with a school in an outer borough of East London, that has less opportunity to connect with businesses. We’ll give year 10 students a flavour of life at Silicon Roundabout.

As members of the Care Leaver Covenant, we’re also ringfencing opportunities for young people who have experienced the care system.

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