Tech Consultancy

Technical Consultancy is a range of services we can provide you with to ensure you get maximum value from your CRM technology. We have a team of Adobe Campaign, RedPoint and Teradata experts that can work with you to analyse, improve and revamp your CRM technology. Support can range from a full audit of your campaign workflows and procedures, to troubleshooting advice or specific campaign project work. Our experts can be seconded to work directly on-site with your marketing team or provide support remotely from our offices.

We tailor our approach to meet your needs, but broadly we begin with:

Discovery: Audit existing process, documentation, data and execution to create a robust basis for support. This could include stakeholder workshops to understand all your internal processes, analysis of data held on your CRM technology platform, and documentation of all procedures.

Recommendations: A full report detailing exactly how to fulfil your aims, including delivery timetable, training information, procedural changes and best practice guide. The recommendations report we create for you will focus on delivering your stated aims in a straight forward and intuitive way. We can tailor it to meet your internal resources and budget or provide information on additional training or technology required.

Implementation: If required, our team of solution delivery experts, project architects and data scientists can put the recommendations into practice.

We have decades of experience defining and running cutting edge CRM campaigns for some of the world’s largest companies. This experience and our network of technology partners can be brought to bear to deliver your new CRM strategy.

All our services are geared around providing you with support, strategy, advice and analysis that will maximise the value and impact of your CRM offering.

As well as bespoke services designed to tackle a specific issue, we also offer:

  • System design
  • Practical CRM solutions
  • New technology integration
  • Training programmes