Campaign Automation is a way to deliver marketing messages automatically via your customers’ preferred channels based on their behaviour. Unlike the launch of manual campaigns, automated campaigns can be triggered instantaneously – keeping your customers engaged at crucial moments. Automated campaigns can be built by our project architects in nearly any platform – including Adobe Campaign, Instiller and Map.

The automations can range from simple messages set to send at regular intervals to a range of different messages sent through different channels based on browsing behaviour, the submission of web forms, in-store activity or engagement.

The first step is to determine the most effective automation based on your aims. Our consultants and project architects can work with you to map out the best customer journey that will maximise sales, engagement, the collection of data or reduce costs.

Examples of automated campaigns are:

  • Abandoned basket/browse
  • Onboarding/Welcome journeys for new customers
  • Recommended products messages

Based on your customer data – name, phone numbers, email address, social media handle etc., we will then scope out exactly which messages will trigger based on different actions your customers take. A workflow is then built in your preferred ESP incorporating the copy and creative you want to send to your customers.

Again, our consultants can work with you to create a message with the most impact. The workflow will then run and automatically deliver messages to your customers. We can also use data analysis to look at engagement levels and optimise the automation further. If you require micro-sites or web forms to be created our development team can build them.

For more complex automations that respond to browsing behaviour, we will incorporate analytics from your website or technology platforms such as recommendation engines.