Time and Day Analysis

Time and Day Analysis (TDA) is a technique for uncovering the best moment for you to send communications to your customers to maximise their impact.

Using a range of analytical techniques we can tell you:

• When different customer groups are most likely to engage with an email or SMS campaign
• The optimal time to send different types of campaign
• The pattern of customer engagement with your campaigns over time

Applying TDA makes your campaigns more effective, increasing engagement and, crucially, improving sales.

How does it work?

Our data scientists and consultants analyse previous marketing campaign data including:

• Campaign type
• Audience
• Engagement history – opens, link clicks, conversions

This provides you with a report detailing the most effective time to earn campaign ‘opens’ and, separately, ‘clicks’ by each type of communication.

The more data that can be analysed the more precise the results.

What is my ROI?

Unlike generic ‘best practice’ advice on when to send emails, TDA-driven campaigns are tailored to your customers and products or services. Better understanding of how your customers behave provides critical insight that informs the content of your marketing campaigns. A change in engagement will be recorded immediately as soon as you apply the TDA insights. Which means you can create a direct link between using TDA and an increase in engagement or sales.