Template Refresh

All good marketing campaigns constantly refresh content, imagery and offers to stay relevant to customers. However, it is just as important to make sure the templates that are the basis of your campaigns are kept cutting-edge.

Running a refresh can have a number of benefits:

• It ensures new best practice and technical developments are incorporated
• It can identify and implement efficiencies for the campaign build process – saving money

It can spark new ideas that influence your wider marketing strategy

How does it work?

Our solution delivery experts and consultants begin by reviewing all the templates that you regularly use for campaigns.

The review looks at elements such as:

• HTML coding and features such as responsive design
• Best practice on call to action placement and imagery
• The ‘look and feel’ of templates
• Functionality

Following the review our consultants can provide a series of recommendations covering every aspect of the design. From the spacing of headers to where your phone number should be. To ensure the best possible changes are made, we can draw up a testing programme which incorporates different elements of our recommendations to the templates to ascertain which ones make a difference to engagement.

After you’re satisfied, our solution delivery experts can then implement these changes to your templates so that all subsequent campaigns have a consistent new design.

What is my ROI?

Refreshing your templates has a number of measurable benefits:

• Can result in an uplift in engagement and conversions
• Can reduce costs per campaign build by incorporating new functionality and efficiencies
• Improve brand image by using latest best practice and technical developments

Following the refresh we can work with you to track changes to engagement, sentiment and sales so that you have a complete understanding of how it has impacted your marketing campaigns.