Customer Engagement Optimisation

Customer Engagement Optimisation is the term we give to a range of data analysis and marketing techniques that have the ultimate aim of vastly increasing customer engagement with your marketing campaigns.

We analyse your customer base to identify the different levels of customer engagement and, crucially, why they do or don’t engage with you. Next, we build a full strategy using a range of re-engagement techniques, from content refreshment and new marketing journeys to subject line optimisation. The aim is to make as many customers as possible become fully engaged, while also ensuring your most loyal customers get the service they expect.

We then work with you to implement these changes and analyse the results.

The programme can become an automated part of your marketing strategy or work as a one-off for individual campaigns. The net result is more engaged customers enhancing brand reputation, driving conversions and improving customer retention and satisfaction.

How does it work?

Our data scientists and consultants work with you to collect and analyse a range of marketing data such as:

• Customer demographic data – location, age, gender
• Purchase history
• Marketing and customer service data

After we crunch the numbers we apply our engagement criteria which has been tailored to your marketing strategy and aims, for example:

• Highly engaged – repeatedly open and click marketing messages, long dwell time on website, engage on social media, repeated purchases
• Engaged – regularly open and click marketing messages, visit website sporadically, intermittent purchases
• Unengaged – seldom click and open marketing messages, seldom visit website, seldom purchase
• Highly unengaged – do not open marketing messages, do not visit website, do not purchase

Your analysis can have as many levels as you need and go into as much detail as you want. We then use a technique called clustering to work out the ‘type’ of customers that fall into each engagement level. This will help to identify what interests and motivates your customers.

Our consultants and marketing experts then create a re-engagement strategy that will recommend a range of best practice procedures, data science tools and CRM techniques, such as:

• Subject line testing – to maximise engagement
• Copy or template refresh – to increase relevancy
• Adjusting messaging frequency – to cater for different customer types
• Optimal channel – to identify each customers preferred communication channel
• New CRM triggers – to send messages to customers when they want them

We then present your strategy along with the engagement analysis report. Working with you we agree what new initiatives to implement and provide all the assistance you need to make it happen. Our data scientists can then test the impact of each initiative on small groups to ensure that you only spend money on changes that make a real difference to your customers.

After we’ve implemented the changes, we can run another analysis to see how engagement has improved. At this point you can decide to make Customer Engagement Optimisation a regular feature of your marketing strategy. This means we can automatically run the analysis and implement changes on a regular basis.

What is my ROI?

Initially, by simply running the engagement analysis, you will have a high level of insight on the various levels of engagement, motivation and behaviour of your customers. By then applying our recommendations you will significantly increase engagement and satisfaction that will have a direct impact on factors such as conversion and retention.

You do not have to take our word for it as re-analysing the results will show clearly what impact it has had. You’ll also see in an uplift in sales, social media activity and/or NPS score.