ACE is a metric for calculating and comparing the performance of your marketing campaigns. It takes into account a huge range of metrics to provide you with a score that tells you if your campaigns are performing above or below average.

Using this information you can work out the ROI of individual campaigns, see the impact of new marketing initiatives, actions that increase customer engagement and, crucially, sales.

Our data scientists and consultants work with you to collect and analyse a range of marketing data such as:

• Sales volumes
• Web page views
• Engagement and conversion rates
• Time on website
• Sales margins

How does it work?

Each dataset is given a different weighted metric based on how valuable and significant it is to your marketing aims. For example, a link click on an email has a higher positive value than an open, whereas an unsubscribe would have a high negative reading.

Each campaign or marketing initiative is then run through this scoring system to provide an ACE score either above or below an average of 100 – if the score is lower than 100 the campaign performance is below average, if higher than 100, performance is above average.

The result is a dashboard where you can easily compare each campaign or marketing initiative.

Using ACE to analyse your marketing initiatives makes it easy to maximise their impact and value. The insights you can uncover include:

• Customer group performance
• Channel performance
• Individual campaign performance
• Relative value or success of individual marketing initiatives

These insights can translate into actions that improve the performance of different channels and campaigns. From simple changes to the subject lines on emails to creating a new customer targeting strategy.