Campaign Testing Plan

Tests of content (subject lines, preheaders or calls to action), creative and timing (day of week, time of day) can be made for individual campaigns or to create a catalogue which will work for all your marketing initiatives.

Our data scientists and consultants start by analysing previous campaign performance to look for patterns to identify what works best. This is used as a basis for testing. Next, our marketing specialists use a combination of the data, their expertise, and best practice guides to create a selection of test content, subject lines, preheaders, call to actions, creative and send times.

Using a series of data science-based tests on your campaign will allow us to determine the variables that lead to a noticeable uplift in opens and clicks. These can then be used ahead of the full launch of your campaign.

Testing can also give you useful information that will inform future campaigns such as:

• Impact of the length of subject lines
• Effect of personalisation, questions or empathetic words
• Use of specific details e.g. special offer figures, rates
• Influence of different ‘tones of voice’
• Peak times to target specific customer segments
• Creative formats that will drive clicks