Launch Programme

Your Campaign Launch Programme incorporates a range of services to ensure that your campaigns give your customers the best experience and have the biggest impact.

As the marketing campaign is put together for launch we can provide the following services and automations:

• Time and Day Delivery Plan
• Campaign Testing Plan – journey and strategy
• Master Template Build
• Creative and copywriting support
• Personalisation

You can use these services individually or together as part of a complete launch programme.

All of our services are driven by data insights and use digital marketing best practice to ensure you get the best results. If you’re unsure of your needs, our consultants and solution delivery experts are on hand to help support you as you launch your digital marketing campaign.

Identify the best moment to send your campaign to maximise impact

Scientifically test your campaigns to make them more effective

Quickly change content without the need for a complete redesign or recode

Ensure your campaigns have the best messages and imagery

Personalise every detail of your messages