Advanced Campaign Performance Report

Advanced Campaign Performance Reports provides in depth analysis of exactly how your campaigns have performed. The information is presented in easy to understand visuals that can be tailored to your needs.

You will receive all the information from the Basic Campaign Performance Report plus insights such as:

  • What content customers engaged with the most
  • How many times the same customer opened your email
  • The best time to send the campaign
  • If web analytics are available – the route the customer took from your message to your website and if they converted

These insights will help you create campaigns with the content, creative and copy that is most likely to engage your customers – at a time when they want to receive it.

Our team of marketing specialists can implement any changes to a campaign based on the report and then deliver these results back to our data scientists for further testing.

This constant feedback system enables you to continuously refine your campaigns.

The Advanced Campaign Performance Report works in tandem with our other services, as well as independently, meaning you can choose the level of analysis and reporting that works best for you.