Data-Driven Marketing

Data is the oil that fuels the best marketing campaigns. By analysing your data – whether it’s marketing, client, product or sales information – we can uncover actionable insights that will radically improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

We offer bespoke solutions to tackle any marketing problem or question you have. If you have the data, we have the techniques to get you actionable commercial insight.

Our services are broken down into:

Launch Programme – which is everything you need to ensure your campaign is targeted to the right people, on the right channels, with the right content at the right time.

Campaign Analysis – uncover the exact impact and ROI on your campaign. These insights can be fed into future campaigns, customer service and your product offering.

Marketing Optimisation – a range of analytical and best-practice techniques that can be applied across your CRM function to create a substantial uplift in marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

A range of services focused on optimising the content and targeting of your campaigns

Uncover the exact impact and ROI on your campaign

Apply data-science and best practice CRM techniques across your marketing offering