Make a difference at work with charity fundraising

Uniting colleagues in fun events to support charities increases employee engagement – while making social impact. From bake-offs and sleep-outs to climbing Snowdon, get inspired with Profusion’s fundraising champion Christina Lucchini. Louise Scott reports

What have you been up to and what’s on the horizon?

I organise fundraising activities for our staff to get involved in. It all started with the Santa in the City run, last December, which raised more than £2,000 for Shelter from the Storm.

Over the next few months I’m planning for us to do the Big Sleep Out with The Big Issue on 7 December. That’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone that takes part! So I’m busy planning and getting that going with the charity.

I’m also encouraging people at Profusion to arrange small events to support our two chosen charities – End Youth Homelessness and FareShare. Ahshan, one of our campaign managers, cooked an Eid lunch for everyone in the office and raised £200 for Action Against Hunger. Another team member organised our own Bake Off.

Coming up next is End Hunger UK’s Week of Action on 14-18 October. We’re thinking of having some events to raise awareness in that week, at the very least on World Food Day on the 16th. Everyone at Profusion is invited to prepare and bring in a dish to share, and we all donate what we feel comfortable with. It’s going to be great fun.

Then we’ll be doing another Santa in the City and, next June, climbing Snowdon with The Big Issue’s Snowdon by Night.

Why did you get involved?

I’ve always wanted to do some kind of volunteering where I could feel I’m helping people. So when I found out about our social impact foundation Profusion Cares I thought it was a great initiative. And something that I would really like to get involved in, find interesting and see how I could be beneficial.

What drives you?

It’s the rewarding feeling it gives me. When you work in the private sector you know the revenue is for the business. But if you do something for a good cause, whether that’s big or small, you feel you’re helping to change people’s lives. Profusion encourages us to do that.

To what extent does volunteering motivate you in your everyday job at Profusion and make you want to stay here?

The fact that Profusion gives us this opportunity is invaluable. Especially as I get to spend some of my working hours to do this. I wouldn’t get the chance to at every company. It certainly encourages me to stay and grow with the organisation and do something that I really want to do anyway – charity work. It’s really important to be motivated so that you can do a good job and feel satisfied, and Profusion Cares is definitely a big plus [for that].

How many hours does it take and how do you fit it into your days?

The good thing is it’s really flexible. When I’m really busy it’s not possible to fit it in, but can usually do it all in my regular working hours. I’ve spent about 10 working days on it since the beginning of the year.

What I do [as a volunteer] involves logistics, planning and organising, and answering people’s enquiries – especially making connections with charities. It’s really ad hoc and, of course, my everyday job takes priority especially when I have urgent requests. I balance it out and work on it as much as possible when I’m less busy. That’s when I really get things done to make sure we have nice activities for everyone here to enjoy.

We hope to get more of us to join the Profusion Cares team and events next year. It’s really nice when people feedback on how much they enjoy the fundraising activities and how they bring everyone together. And it’s open to people outside Profusion too – sometimes team member’s partners join in. We also welcome our clients, and anyone that wants to, to come on board. The more the better!

Inspired to come and fundraise with us? Get in touch.

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