1:1 personalised communications

We’ve moved out of the old school of sending a million emails to everyone on your database. Now it’s about tuning in to a much more targeted, personalised environment. Customers are using so many different devices now – we know if they’re opening up on a tablet or Android, and what email app they’re using.

“Reach and capture the customer, and hit them with a great real-time response”

How can you know where every bit of data goes in the hierarchy to reach and capture the customer, understand what they’re doing on any channel at any moment, and hit them with a great real-time response?

Multi-channel contact strategy

As it’s really important to integrate with other channels, we spot trends in social media and SEO to make sure your customers have really easy, personalised experiences.

We’ll come up with an entire contact strategy and talk it over with you to give each customer exactly what they need. This shows them: “We listen, we interpret and we find the best outcome for you.”

Cross-channel strategy

To run a great cross-channel strategy we work with you to get the data into a place where something in any moment can trigger a real-time action. We know how to capture information, trigger a follow-up email and give the customer a super smooth experience in real-time. We call this data the ‘golden record’ or single customer view. We’ve got skills in house to present data in a visual way that anyone can absorb in a few seconds.

Dynamic content and interactivity

Working closely with our data science team we identify, discover and tap into different pockets of data. With this, we create even more unexpected and personalised experiences for each customer by inserting dynamic content that matches the profile of the individual recipient. We also apply interactivity including carousels, gamification and ‘surprise and delight’ features such as ‘tap to reveal’.

“We get your message past firewalls and your point across in three seconds”

We always ask you: “What’s the thinking behind the objective and is this actually going to work for your customer?”. Combining our expertise, we can match the right interactivity tools to your business challenges.

Campaign performance and results

We measure the performance and results of each email campaign based on how long customers spend reading emails and how they’re engaging in them. We’re always looking at how we can improve personalised journeys.

We’ll also look at instances where the customer engaged but then nothing happened – they didn’t convert to a sale or get back in contact with the brands. We need to know what that data is and find out what communications were driving them.

“We create even more unexpected and personalised experiences for each customer”

Over a period of time, we monitor the trends and offer nuggets of advice so the next campaign can be that little bit better. We find new ways of continuously improving the customer relationship.

Test, test, test
What’s going to get the customer to open an email? There is never going to be an end to testing because things change. Our philosopy is test, test and test again. We use software for this, along with artificial intelligence, to create compelling subject lines and pre-headers.

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