Where to begin?

How do you know what to do with all your data?

Whether you’re an SME or a multinational, working out how to put all your data into various formats and store it in different places can be challenging.

Long before devices came along, all data was structured. This is still typical among companies of all sizes – there is so much data, sometimes you just don’t know what to do with it. Also, how do you even begin to make sense of the colossal amounts of information this data presents?

“Forward-thinking business leaders are embracing the rapidly changing digital and technical environment”

Progressive ‘tech think’

Now, forward-thinking business leaders are embracing the rapidly changing digital and technical environment. Data can be streamlined and contained – eliminating much of the guesswork on how to launch new products to market globally, optimise operations or increase customer loyalty and sales across product lines.

Transform your business

Even in today’s modern tech world, people are still spending time feeding data into the cells of Excel spreadsheets. Employees across teams, departments, regions or international bases record and store information on their own computers. Others work in departmental silos.

“Is your data sitting on a couple of Excel spreadsheets, do you have a gigabyte-heavy database, and how many types of data sources do you have?”

If you also consider structured, semi-structured or unstructured data – including locational (geo-spacial), transactional, weather, and social data from Twitter and Instagram – keeping up with it all can feel daunting.

The technical landscape is constantly changing and feels confusing. This is where Profusion enters the game. We are experts in data architecture, engineering and management. We map and piece together the right software and hardware solutions to make your life, and those of your team or executive board, far more straightforward.

There is a clear business case for buying the right tools, systems and a platform that provides a single customer view. The investment pays for itself tenfold. We can work with your existing providers to make it happen or build everything ourselves from scratch.

Your data journey

The first thing we do is look at your current state. We could start with assessing your volume of data. Is your data sitting on a couple of Excel spreadsheets, do you have a gigabyte-heavy database, and how many types of data sources do you have?

Then we’ll look at your data and map it to data sources – depending on whether it’s structured, semi-structured or unstructured.

We look at the whole data transformation journey, working out the best path to get you to your ideal future state. Do you want to feed in data by the second or hour, every day or in ‘near real time’ – on a weekly or monthly basis?

Heartbeat of your business requirements

Next comes the consulting phase. Here, we’ll interview several of your key stakeholders to find out what each person wants the data to showcase in terms of metrics, measurements or desired results. This helps us feed into the heartbeat of your business objectives and requirements.

Typically, when we start analysing your data, we uncover data sources you’ve never thought of. We spot opportunities through patterns or recurring themes that are ‘hidden from the human eye’ – which could lead to new ideas on how to use your data. We’ll consult on and validate this with you.

The right path for you

We’ll recommend the best technology fit for your software and hardware. Being platform agnostic and able to work on-premise or on-cloud, we’ll determine the path that’s right for you.

“Feeding into the heartbeat of your business objectives and requirements”

With the many software and hardware apps, tools and platforms available, it’s all about knowing how to scale and choose the appropriate ‘play and plug’ systems to enrich your business and go-to-market strategy.

Data flow

Find out how we can connect all your data, write and build the scripts, ETL (extract, transform and load), to combine your data sources. We’ll automate and funnel all your data through to the click of a button.

Simplified platform and dashboard

Once we’ve gone through the audit and discovery phase, cleansed, managed and connected your data sources together, then we’ll shift, move, customise and feed all your data into one central platform. Giving you the business information, you need – by the second.

We love applying our technical and computing expertise to work out what’s best for you. At the end of your data transformation journey, you’ll have a simplified platform that streams it in a way everyone can understand – on a user-friendly interface that provides you with incredible results. We call this business intelligence.

Think of your whole data pipeline and business needs. We build platforms fit for purpose to accommodate your ever-evolving products and services.

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