Smart Segmentation

Businesses have more information on their customers than ever before. However, making sense of this data to tailor personalised customer experiences and increase conversions can be a huge task.

Profusion’s Smart Segmentation helps your business overcome this challenge.

By cleaning and sorting customer data, then applying data science techniques, we can provide you with a dashboard that lets you sort your customers by whatever segmentation is most valuable to you.

This information can be the backbone of highly-targeted marketing campaigns and customer experiences that have a measurable impact on sales.

Unlike other segmentation techniques, Profusion’s Smart Segmentation is entirely flexible – a huge range of data can be used, even information from wearable and IoT devices. It also goes way beyond simple demographic or location based information to uncover the demands, needs and expectations that link your customers.

What Profusion’s Smart Segmentation can tell you:

  • Who they are: socio-demographic data, purchasing behaviour etc.
  • What they do online: channel preferences, website activity, response to marketing, device usage
  • What they say: call centre interactions, branch and digital channel preferences for feedback
  • What they do offline: employment status, in-store interactions, location behaviour

It can uncover information via a dashboard such as:

  • Channel preference
  • Personality profile
  • Product propensity to buy
  • Customer value
  • Drivers to purchase
  • Customer engagement

Crucially, these segmentations are not defined by pre-conceived ideas. They are built using your customers’ actual characteristics and motivations. The result? You know more about your customers than ever before and can create a truly valuable experience for them.