Recommendation Engine

Understanding what your customers want opens the door to incredibly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns. It also supports product development, customer service and increases conversions.

Profusion’s Recommendation Engine uncovers product, service or purchase preferences and then provides personalised suggestions to you or your customers. Using this information you can drive sales and revolutionise your marketing.

How does it work?

First, we do real-world consumer profiling on your existing and potential customers. This involves capturing essential data points via surveys, image recognition, social data and statistical analysis to reveal why people buy your products.

Next, we collate all relevant datasets, as well as information you want analysed, to reach an accurate shortlist of influential drivers to purchase. The more information that is incorporated the better, as it can reveal surprising triggers to purchase. This data is collected and stored securely. Our data scientists then use a range of techniques and algorithms to produce a sophisticated, bespoke recommendation engine that can accurately predict your customers’ preferences.

Once the Engine is up and running, we conduct thorough testing to improve, optimise and increase accuracy. From start to finish, the process can take as little as one month.

What do you get?

• Enhanced customer understanding
• Marketing and advertising efficiencies
• Increased personalisation and customer satisfaction
• Increased conversions

Through Profusion’s Recommendation Engine you can provide a richer, more personal experience for your customers, making them feel unique and understood.

The outputs from the Engine can be displayed to your customers via an interface or personalised marketing initiatives, used internally to improve your business processes – or both.