Marketing Impact Predictor

What if you could look into a crystal ball and know the impact of a future email marketing campaign? What if this same crystal ball told you how you could change your campaign to increase opens, clicks and conversions? Well, there is such a crystal ball: Profusion’s Marketing Impact Predictor.

At the heart of this product is a statistical model that predicts campaign performance based on:

  • Time/day analysis
  • Campaign type
  • Target audience
  • Send volume

By inputting this data, we can tell you with a very high degree of probability how the campaign will perform before it happens.

Our consultants and CRM specialists can then provide you with strategic advice to make it more effective.

However, you don’t have to take our word for it. By retesting any changes made using our advice, you can easily measure how it will impact email opens, clicks and conversions on your website.

Knowing how a campaign will perform before it happens has a range of benefits:

  • Better customer relations – know that you’re only sending the most relevant messages
  • Refinement – test to see what the most effective campaign will be
  • Increase conversions – send only highly targeted emails
  • Enhanced forecasting – incorporate likely conversions and traffic into your marketing strategy

Unlike other performance metrics Profusion’s Marketing Impact Predictor doesn’t just generate results based on the impact of previous marketing campaigns. This makes it much more precise and it can be adapted to consider additional one-off factors that could impact your campaign such as weather. It also learns as it goes. This means it becomes more and more accurate and flexible as you use it.

  • You don’t need any other platforms or services to get started
  • We simply incorporate your CRM, website and sales data
  • Set-up can happen in as little as two weeks
  • It can be used for one-off campaigns or on a regular basis