Marketing Attribution Solution

Print, radio and TV advertising, in-store promotions, CRM, paid search, social media, digital advertising –the ways companies can promote their offering is growing all the time. However, hand-in-hand with this opportunity is a big problem: how do you determine the value and impact of each marketing initiative?

The answer is Profusion’s Marketing Attribution Solution. Using our proprietary data science-based algorithms we can create a bespoke solution that reveals the value of your marketing and the behaviour of your customers.

It can tell you:

  • The value of specific marketing channel – both online and offline channels
  • How to optimise your marketing to get maximum ROI
  • Impact of marketing initiatives on organic search and conversions
  • How to influence customer or prospective customer behaviour

Unlike other ways to measure the impact of marketing, our attribution model unpicks the influence of each marketing channel. It even takes into account indirect offline influences on online sales such as print advertising – and vice versa.

How does it work?

We start by reviewing the data available from the marketing channels you want to analyse. This information is collected and our marketing attribution algorithms are tuned to your specific requirements.

We then use it to answer your specific questions – such as the impact of an in-store promotion on web traffic.

The information is displayed for you in an easy to understand tailored dashboard.

What data do I need?

Our data scientists can work with you to collect and clean the data collected from any of your CRM or data management technology providers, website analytics, in-store metrics and sales information. If there are gaps in the information we can supplement it with open source data, surveys and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

We work with a range of technology providers that can help optimise how you collect and manage your data.

How do I measure results?

Marketing Attribution reveals how each channel is performing and what influences your customers, however, to make a difference to your bottom line, these insights need to be actioned.

Our team of marketing specialists are on hand to provide you with strategic advice or help to implement new multi-channel marketing solutions.

By refining your marketing initiatives and spend you can directly measure ROI via factors such as increases in conversions, in-store enquiries or web traffic.