Creating social impact – it’s not all about funding

At Profusion we are using every lever we have to support the communities in which we live and work.

We’re facing some big challenges in our world right now. I’m sure I’m not alone in switching on the news to put my own life into perspective, then turning it off because it feels so overwhelming. With so many reports of hunger, poverty and knife crime, climate change, skills gaps and NHS shortages, even the most positive thinkers can start feeling weighed down.

Those of you that are far more intelligent than me will worry about issues we don’t have the resources to solve. However, there are many problems that can, in fact, be fixed. Sometimes when the resources do exist, they aren’t in the right balance and we need to do some redistribution. All of us have a role to play in that.

Making impact by sharing your assets

It’s time for businesses to get practical. We can make an impact quickly by thinking slightly differently about the way we go about our day-to-day work.

We pass our personal shopping discount codes on to friends, so why not share our professional printing suppliers with charity partners? We advertise our unwanted furniture on sites to help people starting out in their homes – so why not give away our desks and chairs when we move office, or our computers when we upgrade? Doing this would save non-profits money that could go directly to helping vulnerable people instead.

When we organise training in areas like interviewing, presentations, project management and GDPR, why not offer a couple of places to charities, too?

Profusion Cares

At Profusion we know about data and campaigning – and both are fundamental to the effectiveness of charities. Our people aren’t the best to ask about gardening, so we won’t try to tell you about it. What we will do is understand the pain points of the organisations that support people experiencing homelessness or food poverty, and bring data solutions to start to break these down.

We know what it takes to get into our industry and the job market in general – so we’ll help young people do that by offering them work experience and other outreach. We have a lovely space in the centre of London’s Tech City that we want to share with our community. We’ll offer GDPR webinars to charities. And we’ll do our best to use all the levers we have to be a purposeful and compassionate business.

"We have a lovely space in the centre of London’s Tech City that we want to share with our community"

Take action to change someone’s world

As children, many of us had an ambition to change the world. You can call me corny, but I believe this isn’t completely out of reach – we might not be able to change the world, but each of us can change somebody’s world.

At Profusion we’re using our assets and getting started with our ambitions to have purposeful working lives through our new foundation Profusion Cares.

We challenge you all to take one step to changing the world of someone on your doorstep today.


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