Technology has enabled businesses to market to the world. The customer has a choice and can be supplied from anywhere on a global stage that is continuously growing in its breadth and depth.

“We understand how to gather and interpret the data to drive the insights that our clients’ futures depend on”

Navigating the customer voice

The customer’s voice is going to drive what the customer is ready and willing to accept, where and how they will receive it and the tone in which they will appreciate and endorse it.

Optimising endorsement

The customer will place a greater trust in the feedback of other individuals who have interacted with the client. The client needs to know what is being said and how to improve their engagement (and product) to optimise the positive endorsement.

Meaningful data insight

We understand how to gather and interpret the data we need to drive the insights that our clients’ futures depend on, to turn insight into meaningful engagement with the customer, and measure this process to provide additional data. So the circle flows. Data is free from conscious and unconscious bias and allows the true human to be revealed.

I believe in the potential technology gives us to appreciate that we are one people. Technology can help us gain a greater understanding of our capabilities and explain the human story.

“Connectivity of people has been changed beyond all recognition by technology”

The speed of this change is snowballing. As a result, beliefs, ideas and actions cannot be easily contained. As the reach of technology and the variability in which it can be used increases, exposure and visibility grows exponentially.

Emerging paradigm shifts

At a macro level there are transformational consequences. The outcomes of these are not predestined or very predictable, and are often emerging against great resistance. There is much talk of new and emerging paradigms for individuals.

“Technology is not static and the ability for machine learning and its pathway to AI – with all its effects – will be phenomenal and transformational”

Individuals taking back power and operating for the good of humankind is possible. We need platforms that enable us to communicate, share and organise.

Power of customer experience

I am seeing the fledglings of the shift in power from state to individual, in the way the commercial world is already reacting to the need to provide a customer experience. Note that ‘customer’ in this context is singular.

The positive use of technology enables the spread of ideologies, allowing likeminded people to share, group and organise themselves. Crucially, people are placing their trust less in the information derived from traditional sources and more in what is validated by the feedback of individuals.

Individuals through ‘AI’

As the world is shifting to individual and collective-based power, the voice of the individual has a very real opportunity to shape the future.

This is the path we are on. We must be cognisant that it is not a race that has a finish line (not once and done) but it is a fiercely contested race nonetheless, one that never ends.

Technology is not static. Machine learning and its pathway to AI will make a phenomenal and transformational impact, which can liberate humans from repetitive processing and enable time for creativity.

May that journey continue …

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