Twenty years ago, aged 28, I returned from five years in Hong Kong without a clue what to do with my life, with a sack-full of experience of how to have a good time but little of how to work hard. I’d met Russell through a mutual friend and we ended up sitting in a little box office in London wondering what we could do with this ‘internet thing’.

“The destiny of this business is about its journey. It’s first of all about our people and the collective organism that is Profusion”

Profusion journey

If I had any idea of the journey I was embarking on; the highs and lows, the poverty and the rewards, the abject terror, sleepless nights and the deeply satisfying moments, I wonder if I would ever have begun.

Running your own company is tough but rewarding. You answer to no-one and your destiny is of your own making – or is it?

Destiny and life journeys

Tough yes, rewarding sometimes, but my destiny and the destiny of this business is about its journey and has a small part of my own making. We all make choices on a deeply emotional and subliminal level – we love it here but we can’t always say why. Our clients stay with us for a long time but their people come and go – why?

Collective organism

I believe that the essence of what Russell and I started carries true today and it’s first of all about our people and the collective organism that is Profusion. It technically doesn’t exist – it’s just a name on a file system at Companies House, but the little bit of all of us that is in it day-to-day is what makes it – and it’s a wonderful thing!

“Live a life true to yourself without regret and enjoy the short time that we are on this planet”

Personal beliefs

My personal beliefs are that you must be honest with yourself and others. Live a life true to yourself without regret. Enjoy the short time that we are on this planet as much as possible while leaving as little destruction in your wake as you can. Be happy.

I’m inspired by people who are successful in their own way, those who are ultimately happy in what they do and secure in their world. I’m also inspired by those who are leading the way in renewable energy.

Human connection

I love people and relationships. For me, doing business is not enjoyable without enjoyable relationships along the way. We are hard working, fun loving and caring. Profusion has a strong ethical centre, and a passion for doing what’s right by its people, with a desire to build deep lasting relationships with its customers.

Entrepreneurial mindset

As a company, Profusion has been around a long time, which is rare in the tech industry, and it operates in a very cutting edge space. This means we all get to do interesting things for major brands in exciting times and because we have an entrepreneurial mindset. We make decisions rapidly.

We have a great hub in London and clients enjoy using it as a base. They rely on us to help them with their careers and use our services when they move to new companies. Many become friends and some will want to work for Profusion.

“Creating relationships based on trust is the bottom line. This is achieved through our evolving brand, our story and our people”

Through our deeply personal one-to-one marketing experience we look forward to our existing and future clients experiencing deeply transformational outcomes from groundbreaking AI solutions.

Profusion buzz

There’s a buzz in our office. You’ll see people in huddles all over the office going about their business, getting things done, interacting, having creative thoughts about how to solve client problems.

We also welcome in our clients to soak up the atmosphere and feeling a part of it all. We put on knowledge-sharing workshops in our social space and we are one multi-faceted organism working together.

The future of Profusion is the people who care to spend their time with it now and who collectively guide it.

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