I came in to Profusion as an executive coach to help Guy, Russell and the leadership team think about their direction of travel. That was the middle of 2016. My relationship with the team deepened over time, to the point that during the festive break of that year, I was thinking about Profusion more than any of the other business interests I love being part of.

“At Profusion we believe in the remarkable potential of humanity and that every person matters. All experiences have value – their true gift is in shaping the character inside us to live our lives with meaning, purpose and contribution”

From early 2017, I was clearly positioned as the ‘lead positive agitator’ for the changes that Guy, Russell and I could see were required. In July of that year I was offered the CEO role.

Profusion family

Why did I take it? In truth, it just had the right atmosphere. There is a sense that Profusion is a family and the people just stood out. I could just feel it.

“I started to see I had the opportunity and potential to help create something very special with a group of people I trust, respect and believe in”

I also felt the organisation had huge, unrealised potential – and all the key ingredients to be a really stellar, purposeful business. I saw the foundations of a great culture with smart, clever people who really were professionals and experts.

While my job title reflects a certain positional expectation, the three of us work collaboratively and we are building a team of executives and leaders around us who can take Profusion beyond us. We all believe in hiring and developing people who can be and are better than any of us.

Positive contribution

Guy, Russell and the team had all contributed to creating a solid cultural framework. My role here is to help build on these foundations and drive a high performance culture, without losing the ethics and moral fibre that are at the core of the organisation.

I’ve learned through tough personal experience that life is very short in the great unfolding expanse of time. I want my three daughters to see and be proud that their dad has attempted to make a positive contribution during his lifetime.

“I love contributing to causes that are beyond my own selfish personal needs, being a part of this global tribe we call humanity, the broader natural ecosystem and this beautiful planet we call Earth”

I also want to help ensure that, as a generation, we make better sustainable decisions than we seem to have been making. At times, the self-interest that drives decisions leaves me stunned, and I always look for other solutions. I fundamentally believe in the quote: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

Too often in life, I’ve found people searching for the quick hits and the easy solutions without seeking answers to the deeper questions. When I reflect on the things that I’ve learned from the most, I realise that quite often they’ve involved a journey of digging deep to learn and recognise a new insight, belief or paradigm. These lessons can shape us for the long term. They make a more profound and meaningful impact on how we purposefully play the game.

“Most of all, it is life experience that has shaped my grit, determination and desire to constantly raise my game and those of the people I have the privilege to work with”

I’ve found that allowing myself to be authentic in all that I do serves my life. It makes me feel happier and enables me to have genuine conversations with the people I interact with – whether that’s the CEO of a global business or a person living on the streets of Mumbai.

Coaching wisdom

Coaching philosophy sits at the heart of this organisation. This means focusing on our people, engaging their hearts and minds, aligning their purpose with the organisation and creating an environment where they can positively contribute every day.

“My own life has taught me that the coaching philosophy, personal development and emotional intelligence really helps open the inner aperture to life and what it means to be alive”

I believe that the power of coaching – in combination with AI, technology and the development of discerning wisdom – truly gives us the best chance to prevent ourselves from killing this planet we call home.

So, while I’m a person who is entrepreneurially and commercially wired, what sits underneath all that is a sense that we must do what is right. We must raise our level of conscious thinking to ensure that our human tribe don’t screw up this Earth.

Humble excellence

I’ve got a lot to learn and I do learn every day. I’m going to do all I can to build the right culture, founding principles, values, beliefs, bedrock, ecosystem and framework to enable our people, team, community and the wider partner ecosystem to thrive and drive forwards.

The world is a mighty large place but all change begins from within each one of us. I’m happy to be part of a pioneering group of people who choose to operate a bit differently.

It’s a privilege and an honour to be in a position where people trust you to guide and lead them. I never want to take that for granted. For me it aligns with my sense of wanting to role model ‘humble excellence with purpose and drive’.

It’s my job to create an enabling environment and to do my best to say YES to doing the right things.

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