Writing, storytelling and connecting with people from all walks of life are second nature to me. I’ve travelled the world interviewing entrepreneurs, mavericks, board-level CEOs and C-Suite executives. I’ve also been fortunate to have met and interviewed some of the world’s leading business thinkers and philanthropists.

I’m a visionary thinker. I map creative concepts to business commercials, bringing strategy and content to life through the collective talents of the team

I’ve led teams and built global brands in the B2B publishing space, having worked internationally in the US and Australia. My strength is launching print, digital and new multi-media editorial products. I’ve been a chair and keynote speaker at various global conferences, and have an eye for strategic partnerships and event contras.

Creative conductor

This is the fun part. My role as head of creative at Profusion is similar to that of an orchestral conductor, guiding and directing people to play to their greatest gifts, talents and strengths.

We create a bit of noise, stir up all the ideas and play it out. This is where it gets a bit messy – working out each part and giving individuals a clear focus and understanding of how to be their best. Then we practice as a team, test everything out, rehearse, refine and tweak it until everything is as seamless as it can be. We perfect it, then it’s showtime!

Story coaching

Through my ‘story coaching’ process, I help people tap into their intuition, discover new opportunities and establish a sense of purpose. I take each person on their own inner adventure. I help them uncover their options, find out what they truly want to manifest and explore what it takes to bring this vision to life.

Random career experience

Liaising with my North American sales colleague, who said she thinks I should interview this potential client, she was talking to on the phone. I took a punt on him and went with it. He was totally off the wall maverick. Both my sales colleague and I booked a flight to Phoenix, Arizona, to meet him at his home so I could interview him.

We were instructed to turn up at a private helipad. He had chartered a helicopter to fly us into the middle of nowhere in the Arizonan desert – to land near his door. He was one of my favourite people to interview because he was the maddest inventor I’d ever come across experimenting DIY style out of his garage. Looking back it felt like I was in the scene of ‘Back to the future’ meeting ‘Doc’.

He was a disrupter and applied entrepreneurial new thinking to making a process way more efficient, smart and more cost-effective to beat the big players in the industry

On the back of my interview profiling him, a ‘one man band’, about his new ingenious invention to compete with conglomerates on the global stage `– he secured investment backing and three large sales orders at just the prototype stage.

Career highlight

Reporting at an exclusive event with Charles Handy on stage hosting a conversation with a select audience. We were invited to go up on stage anytime we felt we’d like to join him in a revolving conversation with audience members about four key themes on life’s purpose. An empty chair was opposite and another beside the side of the stage so the next person could go up and wait for a natural break to occupy the seat opposite him.

I felt I was in the presence of a wise master like Yoda

It was an incredible experience being part of this interactive event. I won a journalism award on the back of my exclusive write up.

Hidden talent

I was seeded number 1 player in County badminton for Buckinghamshire. I was talent spotted along with my twin brother aged 9, by a coach who had been watching us play badminton with our dad. He invited us to take part in upcoming trials for Under 12s. We ended up competing nationally.

My defining moment was playing number 2 seed for England ‘Under 14s’ – she had been professionally coached from the age of 3! It was my most thrilling and toughest game ever. She won! I was also School Team Captain, and competed in both singles and doubles. My doubles partner and I were unbeatable at that time.

Greatest interests / hobbies

I fell in love with the piano from as young as I can remember. From the age of 12-14, I had lessons at a pianoforte school, being taught by internationally acclaimed concert pianists. I got to grade 5, passed with distinction and stopped!

I once was also a majorette. We competed as a team and performed on stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Something quirky…

I joined the sea cadets. My best experience was being part of a 12-young crew, age 12, to navigate an ex-naval fleet ship from London to Ostend in Belgium. We rotated in shifts having to navigate and steer the ship, cook, wash the decks, keep watch (look out), under the careful eye of the Captain and his naval crew.

I gained a lot of waterborne and adventure skills such as power-boating ‘sea rescue training’ – far out at sea. It was exhilarating being behind the wheel and having to make fast turns for ‘man over board’ drills. I learnt to sail, row, canoe, send morse code, tie ropes & knots, and undertook target shooting practice in safely controlled ranges!

Purposeful dream

I’m currently working on a fictional novel. The main protagonist is a 14-year old troubled teenager who is rescued. Izmarelda embarks on a magical journey in a forest. She becomes the key to unlocking all the mysteries of the forest where she finds herself in a war between two brothers.

I’d love to use the book, once completed, to manifest a real-world magical oasis for families

An evil wizard called Zorhilous and Granthorpe, protector of the clans of the forest, the wishing clouds and of the children who no longer come to visit. The forest is dying until the arrival of Izmarelda. She brings hope to all.

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