CDO – Today, Tomorrow, Always?

CDO – Today, Tomorrow, Always?

Profusion recently launched a report exploring the role of the Chief Data Officer in the UK economy – how many of them are operating at the C-level, how does the reality of the job match up to business and individual expectations, how does the CDO relate to other members of the C-Level and whether the CDO title is a permanent addition to C-level nomenclature.

We were also keen to explore the relationship between digital, data and business (aka digital) transformation. Can we see a linear relationship between digitisation, digitalisation and datafication?  Just how symbiotic are digital and data across and within organisations today?

Finally, we wanted to position these discussions in the context of today’s operating environment, highlighting the near-term challenges in relation to GDPR, Open Banking, austerity and Brexit, and the deeper challenges around global competitiveness, UK productivity and effective management.

Combining extensive desk research with some great interviews with industry practitioners we are confident that we have produced a report with real practical value to today’s data practitioners and the C-Level more broadly.

At Profusion, we are passionate about the critical role of data in positively improving operational effectiveness, management decision making and in driving business efficiency and productivity.

Yet for many businesses today data optimisation is focused on customer retention and acquisition strategies (across marketing, sales and customer service functions). This is the core of our offering and a fantastic starting point from which to develop the wider use of data within an organisation.

It was great to launch the report at The Gherkin, an iconic venue in the heart of the City of London.

From such an elevated eyrie, it is easy to see a plethora of opportunities for data driven innovation – be that in improving traffic flows, construction site health and safety, building lighting management, train and tube scheduling and more.

In fact, the sky’s the limit, and while we can use data to advise clients on customer behaviours and needs in different conditions we are yet to find a way to ensure the sun shines. Yet.