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HSBC had noticed a decrease in student account applications – a crucial product which has direct impact on ‘customer lifetime value’ of that student becoming a long term, loyal customer.

They were aware that their process was time consuming as it involved visiting a branch. This led to a three-week wait for approval.

We worked closely with HSBC to streamline the application experience from end-to-end and to digitalise its student account application procedure.

The existing three-week process involved asking each customer to:

  • Visit a physical branch of the bank
  • Wait for an advisor to become available
  • Meet with the advisor
  • Wait around one hour for branch staff to input their data manually
  • Wait for the advisor to log in to their system and complete a lengthy approval process
  • Wait for a letter confirming their application has been approved.


We worked with the client to create an online customer journey that allowed the applicant to enter all the required data by themselves. We built a secure platform approved by the client’s information security risks team.

  • Digitised the application form increasing application intake
  • Integrated with robotic decisioning engine to allow for a 12 hour decision on completion of the application compared to the previous three week wait.
  • Digitalised the 17 customer journeys based on each applications success. These were previously all sent via direct mail.

We integrated Business Intelligence into the solution to help the client review customer interactions across multiple channels and touchpoints. They can then learn the customer’s preferences, behaviours and conversion points.


The time taken to open a student account is now one day instead of three weeks

The onboarding journey has improved customer interaction time (digital, multichannel and branch experiences)

Bank staff now do less error-prone manual typing and spend less time on administrative tasks

Analytics work is done via campaign reports, to build understanding of elements including applicant demographics, profile of successful customers and application peak times
(eg day of week, time of day)

Conversion rates have increased by 400% in 2018. Transactions and student accounts have increased in number and reduced processing time has created cost savings

Customer journey emails
There are 17 active email journeys, including: Thank you for your application; conditional acceptance; holding and welcome email

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