You have your creative concept, you know broadly who you want to reach and you know what success should look like – but how do you go about building the perfect campaign that matches your ambition and does justice to your brand?

We can walk you through the process. Our consultants sit down with you and present all your options, costs and expected results. This enables you to decide the best way forward. We can show you just how creative an email campaign can be and take you to the technical limit of Adobe to ensure your campaign really stands out.

Our email marketing experts then work with your marketing team to start developing the campaign on Adobe. We’re fully transparent with what we do which can help your team learn a few tricks along the way.
We can then provide our best practice expertise to tell you where to place your call to action (CTA), the best subject line to improve engagement and crucially when and who to send each campaign to.

If you want a more scientific, bespoke segmentation of your audience, testing of your subject lines, CTA, time of send and creative concepts – we also have a team of award-winning data scientists on hand to analyse your data and give you the insights you need.

After your campaign launches our marketing experts will monitor and analyse the results. If you require it, our data visualisers can create an easy to understand review of the impact of your campaign. Our consultants can then suggest improvements to make your next campaign even better.

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