Abandon basket and abandon browse emails were set up and left to run for several years.

Emails were static, with the same message for all and totally lacking in any personalisation. Data files were passed to us daily and blast abandon emails were sent at the same time, every day.

While these emails generated some revenue, we immediately identified these initiatives as potential to optimise in order to increase open rate, click and ROI.


  • Created a highly personalised campaign with contextual content to only reach consumers when they were considering a purchase
  • Used our in-house data science techniques including machine learning to provide predictions of likely next purchase
  • Data used included; product combinations, demographics, date, time and location
  • Contact was automated to just one hour following the customers activity


Abandoned basket campaign has increased online sales by 20% accounting for £93K annual sales so far

The abandon browse campaign has a 57% open rate with 5% conversion and £116k YTD sales – with a 25% uplift

What was an initial one-month trial has become a key part of the digital marketing strategy

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