Profusion Cares

What we do

We’re excited to launch our Profusion Cares foundation in January 2019, when we’ll start to really channel our talent into making a positive difference in society. We also want to work with our clients, partners and other local businesses in London’s Old Street area to maximise impact.

If you’re a charity that needs help to use data, a school looking for local business partners, or a potential collaborator interested in our Silicon Roundabout social impact network, let’s have a conversation and take action together.

What is Profusion Cares?

We’ve created our philanthropic foundation Profusion Cares to use data for good. It channels the skills and spirit of our talented people into making social impact. And it finds ways to share our products and facilities with communities that can benefit from our support.

It’s not just about us. We want to collaborate with our clients, our suppliers, local businesses and fellow socially conscious organisations because together we can make a greater difference.

Why partner with us?

Partner with Profusion Cares and you’ll be putting your genuine philanthropic intention into action to change the lives of vulnerable people. If, like us, you believe we have a duty to give back, that is enough reason alone. But it’s also good for business.

Investing in social responsibility helps you to:

1. Engage your customers – in one survey, more than half the participants said they would pay more for products from socially responsible organisations

2. Attract top talent, especially millennials. Cone Communications found nearly two thirds of young people wouldn’t work for a company with poor CSR practices. On top of that, 75% would actually take a pay cut for a job with a more responsible employer. As many as 83% said they would be more loyal to a business that gives them opportunities to solve social and environmental problems

3. Nurture your people. Through acts of giving back to society you can develop your team’s skills in a safe environment. It might even be one of the most cost-effective ways of developing talent

4. Increase profit. Companies that integrate climate change management into strategic planning see an 18% higher return on equity

5. Improve brand image and generate positive PR

Natalie Cramp, managing director of Profusion Cares explains:

“I hope the days of just writing out a cheque or just sending out some volunteers are long gone. I’ve personally known charities that have had to paint over walls that corporates went in to decorate, and by just giving money companies and charities are missing out on a lot of the value they could gain from a real two-way mutually supportive partnership.

“While there are multiple reasons why giving back is good for business, businesses also collaborate with charities because they believe it’s their duty to contribute. Every member of the Profusion team feels lucky to have the opportunities they have in our business and in their own lives. They want to pay it forward, and they recognise we can make a greater impact together using everyone’s skills rather than doing it on their own.

“That’s not just about us working together to share our skills as a business. We want to partner with other businesses and public sector organisations so that between us we can offer the skills and assets that charities need.”