Making the most of Adobe Campaign with Profusion

Email marketing is still the most powerful weapon in a company’s arsenal for getting its message across and increasing sales. Leveraging an intelligent and flexible platform such as Adobe Campaign gives you a great basis for your marketing initiatives. However, with our online habits constantly evolving and technology rapidly changing, it is difficult to be sure you are getting the most out of your email marketing.

This is where Profusion can help you.

There are few companies in the UK with the track record, experience and expertise in implementing Adobe Campaign for businesses than Profusion. After all, we were the first company to partner with Adobe Campaign’s predecessor Neolane nearly 15 years ago.

We run all the email marketing and SMS campaigns for global companies such as HSBC, First Direct, M&S Bank, Dorchester Collections and Kingfisher Group. This involves building and executing hundreds of different campaigns incorporating nearly every variation available on Adobe Campaign. If it’s possible on Adobe we can do it.

Our decades of experience has enabled us to build robust processes that ensure the highest level of Q&A and efficiency. This, together with one of the UK’s most talented team of email marketing experts makes Profusion the go-to company to execute all your Adobe Campaign needs.

Cross-channel Marketing

No marketing channel is an island. The best marketing campaigns are composed of harmonised and complimentary messages across multiple channels. Customers are reached by the perfect message at the right time on their preferred channel. Profound insights are gained from how customers interact with the campaign which feeds into everything from product design to stock management. It integrates together to give you the holy grail of marketing: the single customer view.

All of this is easy to say – a little harder to deliver.

Adobe Campaign is an extremely powerful tool for creating, managing and launching campaigns on multiple channels. However, with this great power comes great scope for things to go wrong. Coordinating your marketing campaign requires a high level of planning and a wealth of expertise and experience. Luckily, this is exactly what we have.



How do we do it?

We can start by reviewing in very fine detail the entire marketing strategy to identify all the touchpoints your customers will have. This mapping process will ensure that customers aren’t bombarded with messages. If required, our data scientists will build a few algorithms to analyse your data and provide you with a comprehensive report on how they should be segmented. To give you peace of mind, our data engineers can check that your data is clean, accurate and flowing through the pipes correctly.

We’re very conscious that the wrong ticked box on the set up can lead to disaster. That is why we fully document and QA everything we do, with multiple double checks to ensure complete accuracy.

When you’re ready to launch we’ll execute and monitor the campaigns in real time. After the dust settles, we can analyse the results and give you a comprehensive report with a range of recommendations on how you can optimise your next campaign.