About Us

Profusion was founded in 2009, when the ways we communicate with each other were fundamentally changing. The rise of apps, social media and widespread smartphone use began to create a phenomenal amount of data that could be used to measure marketing effectiveness more accurately and get to know customers in greater detail than ever before.

Realising the untapped potential in the data we were creating, Profusion founders Guy Marson and Russell Parsons set about changing the way organisations communicate with their people, and the metrics used to measure success.

Since then, Profusion has been at the forefront of data driven marketing. We work with leading global companies including HSBC, Unilever, The Kingfisher Group and Coty from our London and Dubai offices. Our work includes determining the best time to communicate with customers and how often, attribution modelling, ultra-personalised communications, breaking down data silos between marketing and sales, creating data lakes and single customer view.

Through Profusion Labs, the R&D arm of Profusion, we have developed ways to gamify and engage wearable technology users, use Internet of Things data to determine product use and predict customer responses to different marketing campaigns.

As data becomes part of every business’ daily operations, the organisations that use data effectively will have the edge over any competitors. Additionally, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to be enforced in May 2018, businesses will have a duty to know exactly where customer data is stored, what it is used for and to get informed consent from customers on all personal data use. Profusion has a number of services geared towards helping businesses become GDPR compliant.

Whether it is improving existing marketing strategies, effectively attributing ROI, building a data lake solution or helping you get GDPR ready Profusion will always be there as your trusted partner and advisor.