About Us

Profusion is a data science and marketing services company. We are experts in using data science to deliver effective marketing solutions for our clients. Our goal is to make your marketing more effective by using sophisticated analytical techniques to make sense of complex data and deliver measurable value. Whether it is product recommendation engines, personalised multi-channel communications or single customer view, we have solutions that enhance what you can offer your customers. We also provide consultancy services and multi-channel campaign delivery via our team of marketing specialists. The best marketing initiatives put the customer at the centre of everything. This is why our focus is on delivering you services that prioritise the expectations, needs and preferences of your customers.

Our history

Profusion was founded in 2009 at a time when the way we communicate with each other was fundamentally changing. The rise of apps, social media and smartphones were creating a phenomenal amount of data that could be used to revolutionise marketing.

Realising the untapped potential of the data we create, Profusion developed a one-stop-shop for data science, data management and marketing services. Profusion works with leading global companies including HSBC, Unilever, The Kingfisher Group and Coty from our London and Dubai offices.

How we work with you

We always start by listening to you to fully understand your business challenges and appreciate what success looks like for you. Our motivation is your success – in the unlikely event we cannot add value we say so.

We then use our deep expertise in data and omnichannel to create bespoke solutions that uncover actionable insights that address your business challenges. Crucially, we do not leave you to work out how to implement these actions. We have the capability to plan and execute everything from automated marketing campaigns to building data management solutions or creating specific products and technical applications. We are flexible in our approach and can work with your existing technology suppliers and creative agencies or provide the complete end-to-end solution.

The result? We will partner with you and be your trusted advisor to deliver a tangible ROI that has a fundamental impact on your business.

Why work with us?

We know there are plenty of data science and marketing companies you could work with. However, we pride ourselves on having long term partnerships with our clients – nearly all of our customers have stayed with us since we were founded.

We believe this is because we approach business differently:

We listen and learn – we won’t thrust a pre-packaged solution on to you, we’ll partner with you to create and then optimise an approach tailored to your specific challenges and business

Get practical innovation – we marry industry best practice with the power of data science to approach problems differently to give you the best of both worlds

You get everything under one roof – we have a team of consultants, data scientists, data engineers, solution delivery experts and project managers ready to meet any challenge

You can measure success – we do everything with a ROI in mind. This is why any work we undertake will be measured against your metrics for success

As data becomes increasingly influential over businesses’ daily operations, the organisations that use data effectively will have the edge over their competitors. We want to be your partner to enable you to be that organisation.

Profusion’s Family Values

Profusion is a close-knit family that defines itself by its values which cover how we work with each other, our clients and suppliers. The values are listed below and tell you what you can expect from us:

We are client focused – we put our clients at the heart of everything we do to provide a highly-responsive, creative and excellent service

We believe in excellence – everything we do is completed to the highest possible standard. From the expert advice we provide, to the work we deliver, we do not settle for second best, we are uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence

We are trusted – we are ethical, honest, straightforward and transparent in everything we do and we are proud to be a safe pair of hands

We are one team – we support, collaborate and have fun with each other and our clients to make Profusion an awesome place to work and progress

We are cutting-edge – we always think about innovative solutions to challenges by applying our knowledge of the latest technology and best practice to every situation

We are purposeful – we are a committed and ambitious company that aspires to constantly contribute to our colleagues, clients and society and not to simply make money